Goodbye, Perhaps Forever

I was glad that Papa told me Tristan, Sir Tristan, (I must remember that we aren’t children anymore.) was leaving. He couldn’t tell me where, but I did want to say goodbye. He looked at me strangely, as I handed him the handkerchief.

“Just, something to remember me by,” I said. “And for luck.”

“I see,” he said, he was smiling, but I think he thought I was being silly. I suppose that I was. In the books that I read, brave knights going on quests always take a favor from a lady with them. Of course in those books the brave knight and the lady are in love, and Tristan is not in love with me. “That’s very kind of you.”

I was blushing, but then he kissed my hand. Honestly! I think I could have swooned.

“Do you know how long you’ll be gone?” I asked.

“As long as Countess Olivia needs us,” he said simply. “We’re escorting her home and then she said she had work for us.” Us. Of course he wasn’t going alone, his sister, his twin, Lady Athena would be with him. I blinked at him. “Have you Seen anything?”

“No,” I said quickly. Not about him. Not lately. But I had been spending an awful lot of time trying not to think about him. I couldn’t tell him what I had Seen either. Papa forbade me from telling anyone whenever my Dreams were about my cousin. He says that it’s too dangerous.

He’s probably right, unfortunately, but I could barely think with Tristan holding my hand like this.

“Please try to stay safe though,” I whispered. He nodded. “And to Lady Athena, too.”

“Of course,” he said.

That’s when Lady Athena came in. The twins are tall, and they have identical blond hair, although Athena’s is long, and Tristan’s falls just into his eyes. Those perfect green eyes, that they both also have. She insisted that it was time for them to leave. I bid them both farewell, but I kept thinking about Tristan.

He hadn’t been in my dreams of late, certainly not any of the Seeing kinds. Those were just the same one over and over again.

It’s her, she looks a lot like me, actually, the same lightly curly dark hair, and same brown skin, but her eyes aren’t at all alike, hers are grey, like stormclouds. She is sitting on a horse, with a sword at her side. She’s wearing a crown, well not a crown, the crown. The Crown of The Goddess. The view from the hill is clearly of Dovetail, the capital city, where I am.

She looks at me and smiles. It’s not a friendly smile, it’s fierce, like she’s relishing something.

I told Papa and he said that it was my cousin, Annalise, the true queen of Cammadan. It makes sense, Annalise has been missing my entire life. But she’ll be turning seventeen soon and that’s when she’d be crowned, if she’s alive.

I don’t know if she is, although if I’m dreaming about her, she must be, and she must be coming!


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