A Letter!

I got a letter from Tristan (Sir Tristan) today! I’m supposed to leave for the resistance camp tomorrow, and I was packing, but then Carolina (the new maid. She’s quite nice. She still doesn’t talk much.) (I wonder if I’ll have a maid at the camp.) (Probably not.) brought the letter, I couldn’t finish.

I can’t believe that he actually wrote!

Lady Marina,

We’ve arrived in Pantona, and were quite surprised to learn that you were being told the same secret as we were. It’s astounding isn’t it? We also talked about how it might be true and how you would See her and now we know for sure.

Countess Olivia has told me I can’t say much more specific. But I think you will very much like our new friend, Lisette. She’s a farmer’s daughter who the Count and Countess adopted when her parents were killed during the rebellion. You also might like the Viscount Aaron. Athena doesn’t think much of him. 

The Countess says that we’re going to join you at the end of the summer, after Lisette’s birthday. She’ll be turning seventeen you see and many things are going to change.

I hope all is well and that you are able to write to me soon. Athena sends her best as well.

Your Friend,

Sir Tristan Dugarry

I had to paste it into the diary right away. Obviously, Lisette is my cousin, and I am happy to hear that they’re coming to the camp after Annalise turns seventeen. Anyway, I had to stop my packing to write back.

Sir Tristan,

I am eager to meet your friend Lisette, and I hope you tell her so! I will be quite happy to host you all at Brightcoast, where I am headed for the summer. My father thinks I will benefit from some time at home by the ocean. I haven’t been feeling terribly well, you see, because I haven’t be sleeping well.

Please send my best along to your sister and to the Countess and tell The Viscount that I look forward to making his acquaintance.


Lady Marina Sanpierre

I feel so silly, but I’m just so grateful that he actually wrote. Carolina is back, and after taking the letter she’s said that Lord Brayton wishes to speak to me.

I don’t want to go, but I don’t think I can defy him completely.

I haven’t left yet. In my dreams, Annalise isn’t afraid of him or the fire. I shouldn’t be either.


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