The Sword Of The Goddess

Annalise and I sat talking pretty much until dawn. Once we were past the terribly heavy burden of the fact that she’d had a Dream of me as Brayton’s queen. (Just the thought of it makes me gag), and the Tristan mess, we were able to just talk, which was kind of amazing.

I like her. She’s funny and smart, and she’s a very good listener. I think all of this is going to make her a very good queen. I got back and found Papa sitting at his desk, asleep on his book. I smiled and slipped it out from under him. I glanced at what he was reading.

The sword is said to rise from the union of land of sea, Chosen by The Goddess and blessed by The God, The Sword will cut the strings that bind the wheel of fate and return the gods to the world.

Something about that seemed familiar, but I knew that I’d never heard it before. Except, I thought of the vision I’d seen when I’d sat with General Martin, he said something to Cornan about the sword, and about Annalise.

I couldn’t think anymore and collpased onto my cot. I slept and for the first time since coming to the Camp, I had a Dream.

It wasn’t like any Dream, I’d had before, I wasn’t someplace specific, at least not that I could identify, but there was a large wheel turning above me in the sky. It didn’t look like a wagon wheel, more like a spinning wheel, for making thread. Seated on either side were the God Cornan, and I realized a woman who could only be Rana.

She had dark skin, and black hair tied up in a blue scarf. She was dressed in a blue gown as well, and I wanted to call to her, to ask why she wasn’t with me. Then I noticed that the thread on the wheel was also binding her where she sat, and binding Cornan.

I glanced across the field in front of me and saw Annalise. She was holding the same sword that was at her hip in my first vision of her.

But that was when I realized, the sword itself didn’t matter. Annalise was the sword. I woke up and I wondered if she knew.

“Ah,” Papa walked in, “I was looking for that.” I nodded. “I see you’ve learned something.”

“Yes,” I whispered. “She’s the sword, it’s not a real sword.” He nodded. “How long have you known?”

“Longer than she’s been alive actually,” he said softly. I cocked my head to the side. “The night my sister was born there was a prophecy that she would bear the sword of the goddess. We didn’t know what it meant of course but, well, there it is.”

“Does she know?” I asked. He shrugged.

“I don’t know what Caleb and Anselm have told her and I don’t know what she’s Seen,” He admitted. “I do know that Marie found the prophecy frightening.”

“I can see why,” I mumbled. “When she takes her throne, is that when the threads will be cut?” He shrugged again.

“I’ve studied every prophecy about the sword, I’m still not sure what cutting the threads means.” He sighed. “This isn’t for you to worry about, Marina.”

He doesn’t understand, and I think it’s the first time that I see that. this is for me to worry about, this is why I’m here, this is what Annalise was talking about last night. This is why she needs me.

“I suppose not,” I said and got up. I slipped my blue uniform dress and white apron on and headed to the tent. Annalise was waiting for me. She looked concerned.

“You Saw it, didn’t you?” She whispered. I nodded. I knew she had Seen me as well. “I have to free them.”

“I know,” I said softly. She looked worried. “I don’t think you have to do it yet though.” She laughed without much joy.

“Oh, right,” she mumbled, “not yet. But someday I have to free the King and Queen of the Universe from some kind of bizarre spinning wheel based prison. After I reclaim my throne from the evil tyrant who orchestrated the murder of my parents.” Without thinking I pulled her close into a hug. “I don’t want any of this.”

“I know,” I whispered. “But what you said last night, about needing me.”  She looked at me and nodded. “Annalise, I think this is why you need me.” She sniffed back tears and wiped her eyes.

“I think so too,” she whispered.


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