The Twins

It was early when I headed out to the orchard. I knew I should either stay in the manor and make sure things were set for Olivia, or go to see Mastero Anselm, but I really didn’t care to do either. So instead I went to the lemon orchard with a book.

Being a princess means I get to be selfish that way sometimes.

I found my favorite tree and climbed up. I opened the book and started reading a fairytale about a princess who was hidden away to live with fairies until she turns sixteen, when she’s supposed to be returned to the world but then gets put under a sleeping curse for one hundred years until a prince comes and kisses her.

Wasn’t she the lucky one? I bet her parents weren’t even murdered by her psychopathic relatives or anything and all she had to do was be kissed and she got her place in the world back. I’m going to have to lead an army, and master magic and avenge my parents, if I don’t want to be haunted by my father’s spirit for all of my days.

I heard a rustling in the trees and peaked out from my branch. There was a boy riding through the orchard. He had light blonde hair and was dressed in a green tunic and leggings, which I recognized as a palace guard uniform, which meant one of two things. Either Brayton’s spies had found me at long last, or, he’d come with Olivia.

I felt the knife I’d kept in my boot since I was six and Caleb told me the truth about who I was. I could fight if I needed to. I grabbed a lemon and lobbed it at the guard. He paused and turned his horse as I jumped down from the tree.

“Boy!” He said. I blinked at him, and considered how I was dressed. I suppose I did look like a boy. My hair tied back, and I was wearing leggings and a loose fitting old shirt of Caleb’s. I smiled. “Did you throw that?” He was confused.

“Yes sir,” I said. He stopped.

“Not a boy then,” he said. I shook my head. “I apologize, Mistress,” he stopped. I frowned. I wasn’t used to this. Pantona’s a small place, I’m Lady Lisette to just about everyone who sees me. I shrugged. “I came down with Countess Olivia, but seem to have gotten lost. Do you know the way to the manor?”

“I do,” I said. “Is the Countess returned?” He nodded. “I’m called Lisette, by the way.”

“Tristan Dugarry,” he said, dismounting. “This is Elian.” I smiled and patted the horse’s neck.

“You’re a beautiful boy, Elian,” I cooed. Tristan preened a bit. It suited him. We began walking, him leading Elian by the reigns.

Goddess, something stirred in me, but he’s beautiful. I couldn’t think of another word for it. I dearly hoped he wasn’t a spy. It would be a terrible shame to chop that lovely head off his shoulders.

“Do you work at the manor?” He asked. I narrowed my eyes. We’d never had guards before, but beside Caleb, Olivia, Aaron and Anselm, no one knows who I really am. Without checking with Caleb, I don’t know if I’m supposed to trust this Tristan.

“No,” I shook my head, “I live there though. The Count and Countess took me when I was just a baby and parents died in the uprising.” He stopped and looked at me.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “My parents survived the uprising, but I lost them later.” I nodded and we arrived at the house.

Waiting out front with Olivia was a girl who looked almost exactly the same as Tristan, the same blonde hair, and green eyes and beautiful face. Olivia smiled at me, her long auburn hair tied into a braid as it always was when she traveled. I went to ask her a question, but she raised her eyebrows and telegraphed to me that we would speak later.

“Lisette,” Olivia smiled, “you found Sir Tristan. Good, we were worried about him.” I glanced at Tristan who had straightened up a bit. The girl smirked and walked over. “May I present Lady Athena Dugarry, Lady Athena, this is our Lisette.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Lady Athena,” I said and dipped into a curtsy as best I could in my pants. A sister, that explained the resemblence.

“Thank you for retrieving my twin,” she grinned, “honestly, if I don’t watch him constantly, he’ll just drift off.” Twins, then, and both guards, based on what she was wearing. Which was a simple green riding dress.

You were the one who raced ahead,” Tristan objected. She shrugged. I tried not to giggle.

“Your Grace,” I said turning to Olivia, “I’m glad you’re home.”

“I’m glad to be home,” she said and enveloped me in a hug, “I didn’t expect you to meet him before I could explain things, Little One,” she whispered in me ear. I nodded my understanding.

“I’ll go change,” I said softly, going up to my bedroom.

“Lisette,” Aaron hissed from the door of his room, I sighed and walked in. “Did you see them?”

“Yes,” I said, “I met him properly, he got lost and found me in the orchard.” He nodded. “It’s strange that they came though?”

“I guess,” he said, “Mother’s not going to be happy that they saw you like, well, this.” I rolled my eyes and kicked his door closed. He was right though. Olivia despaired making a lady out of me. She said it came from Caleb indulging me too much, and Mastero Anselm’s disinterest in anything but the most straightforward education. I went into my bedroom and pulled out a simple blue dress. The very fancy things that Olivia sometimes brought back from Dovetail were folded between pieces of tissue, to be worn only once things were settled. I did look at them sometimes. I imagined the life I’ll have when I wear them sometimes. I suddenly had a picture in my mind of Tristan Dugarry dancing with me while I wore something very fine.

I immediately blushed, because what an embarrassing thought!



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