Pep Talk


We’ve all been on edge these past few weeks, but meeting with the witches seems to have brought everything to a boil. Annalise is furious, Aaron is smug with I Told You So’s, Athena’s just gone off to train, which means she’s frustrated, and it’s all I can do to not scream as loud as I can.

Instead I left and walked to the apartment Raymond, Damian and Eric have been sharing and was surprised to see Eric opening the door.

He’d been keeping to himself lately. And he looked awful.

“He’s not here,” he mumbled, “I think he went down into town.” I nodded and shifted my weight. “Can I help you with something, Marina?”

“I suppose not,” I said. He nodded. “Eric, I,” I wanted to apologize, I wasn’t sure why. He blinked at me. “Are you staying for us?” He laughed at that.

“To be honest, I’m not sure why I’m staying,” he admitted. “For you and Lefty, maybe, for Raymond, I suppose, because I’m a fool?” I looked at him.

“No one thinks you’re a fool, Eric,” I whispered gently. He frowned and shook his head.

“I am though,” he whispered.

“Have you tried talking to her?” I asked gently. He shook his head.

“I doubt that would help,” he admitted. “I think we talked too much as it is.” I looked kindly at him. “I’ll tell him you stopped by.”

“Alright,” I said quietly, “but I still think,” he laughed. “Well, you should talk to someone.” He looked at me

“How were the witches?” He asked. I sighed. “Oh, it went that well?”

“They were a little insulted that the rest of us were there,” I admitted. He nodded. “And one of them clearly has some kind of history with Harran, and she didn’t seem overly pleased to see him.”

“Uh huh,” he nodded. “And do you think my presence would have been helpful?” I bit my lip.

“I think it could be now,” I sighed, “I think she’s better when you’re around, I think she thinks more clearly, and I know she misses you.” He sighed and rubbed his face. “It might not hurt you to sober up first, though.”

“I’m not drunk,” he said. I raised my eyebrows, “right now. I was, and I likely will be, but at the moment, I am not.”

“Alright,” I said softly. “Well, might I suggest going to dinner rather than getting drunk by yourself?” He sighed. “Eric, please,” he swallowed and slid a hand against my cheek. “Don’t do that.”

“Lefty said if we leave you’re coming with us?” He said. I nodded. “That’s something of a comfort,” he left the door open and I followed him inside, “I won’t have ruined his life, Annalise didn’t ruin yours.” I frowned at him.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think that it’s a matter of you two ruining our lives,” I grumbled, “and Damian is mostly blaming King Daniel if you must know.”

“I see,” he nodded. “Well, Daniel makes for a good scapegoat most of the time.” He frowned. “Is it public with Harran?” I took the drink he handed me.

“It isn’t exactly,” she said, “it’s not like with you. Closer to how it was with Tristan, everyone knows, but no one is admitting that they know.”

“Oh how fun,” Eric nodded downing his drink. “That was so much fun for me, and I wasn’t even in love with her then.” I sighed and shook my head.

“Does she know how you feel?” I asked softly. He looked at me.

“I would assume so,” he shrugged. I groaned. “We did talk about it, but well, I doubt it matters.” I looked at him. “She chose him.”

“Because you neglected her,” I said simply. “For the love of Rana, Eric, she was in love with you too, I think she might still be, but you humiliated her. If you want her to know how you feel be a man and tell her and show her.” I stood up, “I have work to do, and you have decisions to make.” I walked outside and leaned against the wall.

“Oh, there you are,” Damian said walking over to me. “I stopped at the manor but I couldn’t find you.” I kissed him and he pressed me against the wall.

“You should get in there,” I said, “I think I convinced him to come to dinner.”

“Even you can’t work such miracles,” he laughed. I shrugged.

“You need to tell him,” I said softly. He sighed, “he mentioned me coming with you, but nothing else?”

“He won’t like it,” he whispered, “I don’t like it.” I kissed him again. “Marina, sweetheart, do you think there’s any other way.”

“That depends on them.” I said softly. “But for us to stay together and not have war, otherwise.” He nodded. “No, I don’t think there is.” He sighed.

“How were the witches?” He asked. I sighed. “Oh, well, I’ll be at your side tonight.” I kissed him.

“I’d hope so,” I said softly. “See you later.” I walked down to Annalise’s rooms. She was lying on the couch with a cool cloth over her eyes, placed there no doubt by a lazy looking Mercy who was ironing a dress. She looked at me. “Well, this is an idyllic scene.” She sighed. “You’re feeling worse?”

“People usually like me when they meet me at first,” she said glumly. “I’m very charismatic, and lovely.”

“You are both of those things,” I agreed, “but maybe witches are different.” She pulled the cloth off her face. “Where is Harran?”

“Smoothing things over with Brea,” Mercy said, “Elodie and Athena are helping the sister.”

“Nika,” I said instinctively. I knew I had to talk to her. “Lisette, I think you’ll need to talk to Eric tonight.” She pulled the cloth off her face.

“I would happily if her would speak to me!” She said. “Will he?” I shrugged.

“I tried,” I said and pulled her up.

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