In Command


“We need ships,” Aaron said softly. We glanced at the other side of the room where Annalise was sitting talking calmly with Eric. I sighed and Martin nodded. “We have to go to Dorin, there’s no getting around it. Luckily, Tristan’s engagement is a good excuse.”

“We can’t,” I sighed, “Tristan and I made it clear that she won’t let all three of us be away at once and I don’t want my grandfather thinking that’s negotiable.” Martin sighed.

“I’ll go,” he said, “Carland won’t listen to me, but hopefully Trey, Brie and Drea will.” I nodded. “What is it?”

“If you go,” I mumbled. He smirked. “I don’t think I’m ready.”

“Of course you’re ready,” he said, “or as ready as you can be. And you’re not on your own, you have Annalise, and your captains.” I nodded. “I’m going to make arrangements.” I swallowed. Aaron looked at me.

“What was that about?” He asked. I sighed.

“I’m in command,” I said. He nodded. “We’re being invaded and I’m in command.” He sat down with me. “I wish Tristan was here.” He sighed and I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I do too,” he said softly. I smiled gently at that. “You’ll be fine, though, you’ll be wonderful, actually.” I laughed. He kissed me softly. “I’ve made up with Lisette.”

“I assumed as much,” I said with a laugh. “I should go coordinate with Elodie, figure out our numbers.” I stood up and he followed me. I walked out into the hall and saw a rather distraught looking Raymond standing there. “Did they question you?” I said softly. He looked at me.

“Yes,” He whispered. I nodded. “I’m sure you’ll be reported to.”

“I hope they were gentle,” I tried to tease. He nodded. “Raymond, I don’t want to,” I swallowed.

“It was him,” he said, bitterly. I sighed. I had a feeling. “Randolph wants to go home, and unless he has someone to bring him it would be in disgrace.” I swallowed and walked over and hugged him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m hugging you because I have very much been there,” I said. He sighed and looked at me. “Do you know what he told them?”

“That Annalise was unlikely to choose Eric,” he said, “and that she was holding me hostage or possibly Marina was holding me in thrall.” I sighed. “As if Marina could over power me. I think that’s what makes me the most angry.”

“Certainly,” I nodded, “we all find it very annoying that the outside world thinks Marina is infallible.” He laughed. “You should go in there. Eric will want to talk to you, probably Martin and Annalise too.”

“Oh the joy,” he mumbled and walked inside. I laughed and saw Elodie. “It was his boy.”

“I know,” she frowned. “Poor Raymond. I hope you told him you did the same thing.” I rolled my eyes. “The General is going to get Sir Tristan back?” I sighed.

“That seems to be the plan, yes,” I said, “which means I’m in command.” A grin spread across her face.

“Oh, well, then we’re doomed,” she said, I laughed. “You’ll do fine. I need to let Mercy know that we’ll probably be all night, as I assume that we will be.” I nodded.

“There are going to be a lot of all nights moving forward, I think,” I sighed. “Mercy will need to adjust.” She nodded. “You’re with me though?”

“Yes,” she smirked, “I’ll always follow you, Lady Athena.” I smiled. “We’re putting our trust in the guilds, though?”

“I don’t know that we have much choice,” I admitted, “I don’t love it either.” She nodded. “I am sorry, I know it’s difficult for you.”

“It’s alright,” she said softly, “at least we’ll get Tristan back.” I grinned and nodded. I hadn’t thought of that. I missed my brother so much. I sighed and walked to library and sat down. I sighed and pulled out a piece of paper.

Dear Tristan

I wish you were here. So badly. I hope you accept my apology for being out of touch. When you get here I need you to be level headed and with me though, so I’m writing to you now.

I hope you’ve been happy in Dorin, and I look forward to meeting Carolina, but I can’t help but wonder how different things would have been if you’d stayed and could have talked sense into Lisette. I think this all could have been avoided if she’d been more cautious and thoughtful. A side you somehow always managed to bring out in her.

Please be as supportive of Martin as you can as he swallows his pride and negotiates with Grandfather. And Trey. And The Aunts. And all of them, frankly.

I’m sorry. Really, and I can’t wait to see you.

Your Beloved Sister,



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