5th Birthday Taylor Swift Playlist!

Hello Everyone! It’s been 5 years of The Marina Chronicle! (Can you believe it? I cannot. At all.)

To celebrate, I’m doing a bunch of stuff, but here’s the first thing. I made a playlist of Taylor Swift songs. Just Taylor Swift, all of which have vibes for certain characters and moments.

Some are repeated from the main playlist, most aren’t.


  1. “Mine” – This is Aaron and Athena’s song. 
  2. “Sparks Fly” – This is a Raymond and Wyatt song. I heart those boys and I’m so happy to finally get to tell their story
  3. “Haunted” – Brayton, OBVIOUSLY
  4. “Long Live” – For my three chosen ladies. May they slay dragons forever
  5. “Blank Space” – William Santino’s opportunistic fuckboy anthem
  6. “All You Had To Do Was Stay” – Marina for Tristan
  7. “mad woman” – Really everyone, but especially Nika
  8. “This Love” – Lefty and Marina, eternally bound and in love
  9. “willow” – Eric and Annalise (Eric has a lot of Taylor feelings)
  10. “cowboy like me” – 
  11. “Wildest Dreams” – Annalise and Harran, all sex and yearning, none of it real.
  12. “White Horse” – Brea and Harran
  13. “The Way I Loved You” – Annalise for Tristan, toxicity wrapped in first love
  14. “Forever And Always” – Annalise for Eric…you’ll know when you know
  15. “Endgame” – From the original playlist, this is all Eric. No interest in being just another ex Annalise doesn’t want to see
  16. “Delicate” – Nika and Marina, not sure where they’re at yet.
  17. “Getaway Car” – Tom & Trey, heavy love with no shot at longevity for previous feelings reasons
  18. “New Year’s Day” 
  19. “The Man” – Need I explain?
  20. “Paper Rings” – Tristan and Carolina, all sweetness and optimism
  21. “I Knew You Were Trouble” – 
  22. “Stay Stay Stay”
  23. “Starlight”
  24. “The Last Time” – Tristan and Marina

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