An Explanation

My name is Lady Marina Sanpierre, and this is my diary.

My father gave me the book because he seems to believe that it is important I chronicle this time. I suppose he is right. My cousin, Princess Annalise of Cammadan has been missing for nearly fourteen years and there are rumors that she is going to return soon. In fact I’ve been having dreams about it and my dreams have a curious way of coming true.

I hope Annalise is alive and that she does return, as Lord Brayton who rules in her place is terrifying, not just because I feel as though he’s watching me every time I enter a room, but because of the things I’ve seen in my dreams about him.

Sir Tristan Dugarry left on a special mission, I believe it was to go find Annalise. I miss him terribly, but I doubt he even thinks of me, even if he did say he would write. I think he was just being kind.

I’ll do my best to write regularly!

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