Fan Art By The Nayden Art Department

For the Fifth Anniversary of The Marina Chronicle I asked my cousin in law Kristi, who runs the super fun Instagram @nayden_art_department along with my cousin, her husband Sean, if she’d do some art of the characters. I was thinking maybe some quick sketches of Annalise, Marina, Athena and Carolina. She said yes, and also completely over delivered, I do not deserve her.

Check out the incredible work she did

Annalise Dovetail, Queen of Cammadan, Sword of The Goddess Rana
Marina SanPierre, Duchess of Brightcoast, Chosen of Rana
The Dugarry Twins, Athena and Tristan, Commanders of The Queen’s Guard, Athena is The Champion of The God Cornan
Aaron and Caleb Pantona, Two Counts
Carolina DuKarras, Daughter of Merchants, The Future Lady Dugarry
The Phanians! Lieutenant Damian Lestoff, Prince Eric, and Sir Raymond Quents
Captain Elodie Willis, a healer of unique gift, and Mistress Mercy Graves, a courtier’s daughter with a few secrets
The Westran Tribe Leaders: Brea, Prince Harran, Nika
“The Trio” Trey Dumanis, General Thomas Martin, Countess Olivia Pantona
The Whole (Teenage) Cast

Pretty cool right? BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! She decided it would be fun to make mash up style drawings of other famous Teen Dramas with mine. (Didn’t I say she over delivered?)

I love so many of the choices Kristi made but the design of the female Guard uniforms is outstanding. It’s always been really important to me that Athena and Annalise wear skirts while fighting. As a teenager, part of why I started creating Cammadan (of which Marina herself was NOT a part for years, she belonged to an entirely different story. She’s better here and that story is better without her) was because I was sick of reading fantasy stories where the girls had to choose between being “Traditionally Feminine” and strong. This trope has largely and thankfully been smashed, but this was twenty years ago, and it was not the case. I kept it as a world mythology detail, because I like it.

I’m so excited that these are up and you can see them, and I’m so so grateful to Kristi for the designs. (And all the support she’s given Marina Chronicle over the years)