Spotify Playlist

Hey All! I have an Ongoing Marina Chronicle Playlist, which I published as special thing for the 100th entry.

Some of these songs are “soundtrack” to specific moments, but most I just think highlight relationships or character POV well.

“Heart Shaped Wreckage” – (From Smash) Katherine McPhee & Jeremy Jordan – Annalise And Tristan

“I Saw Her Standing There” – The Beatles – Lefty, for Marina

“Cool” – Gwen Stefani – Olivia and Thomas Martin

“Mine” – Taylor Swift – Aaron and Athena

“Keep Me In Mind” – The Zac Brown Band – Harran, for Annalise

“Summer, Highland Falls” – Billy Joel – Aaron

“I Won’t Say I’m In Love” – (From Hercules) – Susan Egan – Athena, for Aaron

“As Long As You’re Mine” – (From Wicked) – Idina Menzel & Norbert Leo Butz – Tristan and Marina

“The Story of Tonight” – (From Hamilton) – Anthony Ramos, Daveed Diggs, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Okieriete Onaodowan – Drunken campfire night. Obviously. (Athena is Laurens)

“Here You Come Again” – Dolly Parton – Marina and Tristan, specifically, The Kiss

“Carry On” – fun. – Just a general mood one. These kids need encouragement sometimes, they’re going through some stuff.

“And Then He Kissed Me” – The Crystals – Annalise, for Eric

“End Game” – Taylor Swift – Eric, For Annalise

“Long Live” – Taylor Swift – Athena, for Annalise and Marina

“Nobody’s Cryin'” – Sutton Foster – Marina and William

“You And I” – (From Chess) Idina Menzel And Josh Groban – More Tristan and Annalise dysfunction

“Cover Me” – Bruce Springsteen – Raymond and Marina

“Summer Skin” – Death Cab For Cutie – These two Chapters: What If? & Heartbroken

“Two Princes” – Spin Doctors – Guys, I think this one is pretty obvious

“Every Breath You Take” – The Police – Brayton, for Marina

“I Knew I Loved You” – Savage Garden – Annalise and Eric

“This Will Be Our Year” – The Zombies – Long Live Annalise of Cammadan

“I’ll Follow You Into  The Dark” – Death Cab For Cutie – The Farmgirl And The Merchant Boy

“All I Ask Of You” – The Phantom Of The Opera (Emmy Rossum & Patrick Wilson) – I’m Yours

“Let Her Cry” Hootie And The Blowfish – Eric and Annalise Worth The Wait & Pep Talk

“Genie In A Bottle” Christina Aguilera – Carolina and Tristan

“I Heard Your Voice In A Dream” – (From Smash) Jeremy Jordan – Nika & Marina

“Mastermind” – Taylor Swift – Prior Chastain