Cocktails In Cammadan: The Little Duchess

The Little Duchess

People call Marina Sanpierre “The Little Duchess” because of her youth and her size. She’s itty bitty. For her cocktail I wanted something a little bit unexpected, I wanted to use rum (which Lefty introduced her to) and something really refreshing, with a little bit of . And so, here’s a lightly modified mojito.

The Actual Drink

1 tsp sugar
About 5 mint leaves
2 1 inch squares of Watermelon
1 lime (juiced)
1 Shot Silver Rum
Sparkling Water (I like a carbonated water rather than a mineral for this type of drink, for a cleaner flavor)

Juice the lime into a glass, add the sugar, watermelon and mint leaves. Muddle until the sugar is well mixed and the liquid from the watermelon and mint have matched the lime juice. Add ice and rum, stir, and top with sparkling water.

Drink next to water if possible, follow your heart even when it hurts.


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