After dinner, Aaron suggested a walk, which surprised me, but I smiled and nodded. It felt silly, we’d decided to go to bed, but I liked the slowness of it, the quiet, and just being with Aaron.

We walked down to the lake and sat down. I kissed him gently.

“If when we leave,” he whispered as I slid against his chest, “you change your mind, or things change between us, I just want you to know, I’ll never regret loving you.”

“Mm,” I cooed and we kissed again. “I love you too,” we kissed harder then and slid softly into the grass. I could see the stars above me as Aaron straddled me and slid my arms over my head.

“You’re sure?” He asked.

“Yes,” I nodded, “You?”

“Oh, absolutely,” he grinned and kissed me again.

I was giddy with the kisses when I slipped his vest off, and then his shirt. He grinned and undid the front laces of my bodice. He was very adept at this, which was refreshing. So few boys, no matter how experienced they thought were, actually knew what they were doing. We undressed each other as smoothly as we could and I whimpered as his fingers found their way inside me.

“Aaron,” I said softly.

“You’re beautiful,” he muttered and kissed down my body. I reclined happily as he kissed between my thighs. I gasped with pleasure and arched up into him.

“Oh gods,” I sighed happily as I finished. He smiled crawling back up onto me.

“More?” He asked and we kissed deeply. I nodded and he pressed into me. I lost track of time as we made love, lost in the pleasure of him inside of me.

He said he would never regret me, the idea that I resisted loving him. I couldn’t regret him either. We finished and he rolled off of me and we lay, content, looking at the stars. Something soft, and true passed between us as he took my hand.

“I think we did well enough,” he grinned and rolled onto his side. I shook my head.

“Always so arrogant,” I sighed and sat up, finding my shift to pull over my head.

“In such a rush, m’lady?” He teased sitting up and nipping at my neck, I giggled, “I should have known you’d abandon me once you had your way.” I laughed and kissed him.

“I expect a repeat performance in my bed once we return,” I said gently. He smiled.

“I live to serve,” he whispered and went for his pants. We dressed as quickly as we could between kisses and casual touches. He pushed my hair off my face and I smiled. “Are you alright?”

“Yes,” I said, “I love you, I just, trusting you, trusting anyone, I need to move slowly.”

“I understand,” he smiled. “But I’m glad you’re letting me in.” I smiled as we walked towards the manor and then saw a man on a horse galloping up. He was dressed in a green tunic and a black leggings. Aaron frowned and went for the dagger at his belt.

“No,” I said softly, blocking his arm, “he’s resistance.”

“You’re sure?” Aaron said. I nodded and walked up.

“Wilcott,” I said jogging up.

“Captain,” he grinned and dismounted. His eyes glances up and down me and I crossed my arms. I must have been showing my bliss, but I wouldn’t blink. He saw Aaron following after me. “Your Grace, messages, from your father. For you, your mother and the ward.” Aaron nodded and took them.

“Come in and eat something, please,” Aaron said.

“That’s alright,” Wilcott said, “it might bring too much attention. I have a room at an inn down the road a few hours.”

“Thank you, Wilcott,” I smiled. “There isn’t anything for me?” My breath was caught. He looked down.

“I’m sorry, no,” he muttered. I nodded. Something was very wrong. He remounted. “We’ll see you soon, I hope.”

“If the wind is good,” I nodded. An old written code from the resistance. He rode off. Aaron looked at me.

“I need to read this,” he sighed, “and my mother, and Lisette,” I nodded. “I’m sorry, I know,” I smiled and kissed him.

“This will always be our life,” I smiled. He laughed. I walked inside and up to my room and flopped onto the bed.

Why hadn’t Martin written me back? Something must be wrong.


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