Note: A Big Anniversary

From Reenie

You guys, in two months, I will have been posting this story for all of you for five years.

It’s pretty crazy. I’ve been living with these characters for most of my life and been sharing them with all of you for a good chunk of it.

Some things, to celebrate this milestone are already planned. But others, I’m curious, what you readers might like?

I’m open to almost anything, unless it winds up spoiling the plans I have for the next few months. (I’ve learned my lesson to never plan too far ahead, these kids have wills of their own and rarely want to do what I have planned for them)

Please comment with what you’d like to see. There will most certainly be a Raymond and Tom & Trey interlude for Pride, I have them outlined, though not yet written. Also possibly one for Nika…though her story will be coming out more naturally through Marina’s, so I haven’t decided yet. I’m putting some work in on the Playlist. And again…one big and exciting planned surprise.

July 20, that’s the 5th anniversary, I kind of can’t believe it.


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