Author’s Note: 4 Years Later

Well, that’s a wrap on Year 3! Thanks so much for coming along for the ride. I’ve had a blast writing it.

I put a lot of thought into what Year 4 was going to look like, and all I could think about was I wanted everyone to be very sad and in a very different place in their lives.

And there’s just only one way to do that. TIME JUMP! Remember in Season 5 of One Tree Hill? Or the Dawson’s Creek finale? Or Lost season 3? Sure you do! (Well, maybe not OTH) It’s like that. Here’s where we’re at:

5 years after Athena and Tristan arrived in Pantona, 4 years after a decision was made to meet destiny head on, a lot has changed.

Annalise and Eric remain apart, why? Well, Phania and Cammadan are in something of a cold war, which is straining the royal family. Especially Marina. She’s doing her best but it’s stretching her.

Has her father’s prophecy of unhappiness for Tristan and Carolina come true and is Annalise’s continued singleness a factor in that? It probably has more to do with him founding a new order in the guard, Rangers, who ride into the remote places in Westran and the eastern neighbor Failan to search for signs of the gods, and being gone for months at a time

Aaron and Athena are parents! The three year old Viscountess Calla is everyone’s favorite person, or at least they say so if they don’t want Athena’s spear in their face. As a Countess, Athena is an excellent soldier. She has a lot of trouble dealing with Tristan’s absence, especially because he’s having adventures without her. Aaron couldn’t be more content, having settled in to life the life he’s always wanted. He does however, still yell at Annalise a lot.

Raymond is THIS CLOSE to becoming a Mastero. Nika and Brea float in and out, helping find the Great Wheel, and Brayton remains at large.

Anyway! That’s our status quo! I’m excited to bring you all further details and move forward.

5th Birthday Taylor Swift Playlist!

Hello Everyone! It’s been 5 years of The Marina Chronicle! (Can you believe it? I cannot. At all.)

To celebrate, I’m doing a bunch of stuff, but here’s the first thing. I made a playlist of Taylor Swift songs. Just Taylor Swift, all of which have vibes for certain characters and moments.

Some are repeated from the main playlist, most aren’t.

  1. “Mine” – This is Aaron and Athena’s song. They don’t appear on this playlist much. They are far too functional and mature for Taylor.
  2. “Sparks Fly” – This is a Raymond and Evan song. I heart those boys and I’m so happy to finally get them together.
  3. “Haunted” – Brayton, OBVIOUSLY
  4. “Long Live” – For my three chosen ladies. May they slay dragons forever
  5. “Blank Space” – William Santino’s opportunistic fuckboy anthem
  6. “All You Had To Do Was Stay” – Marina for Tristan
  7. “mad woman” – Really everyone, but especially Nika, you’ll know why soon
  8. “This Love” – Lefty and Marina, eternally bound and in love
  9. “willow” – Eric and Annalise (Eric has a lot of Taylor feelings)
  10. “Wildest Dreams” – Annalise and Harran, all sex and yearning, none of it real.
  11. “White Horse” – Brea and Harran, the timing’s all wrong, and she’s done with it
  12. “The Way I Loved You” – Annalise for Tristan, toxicity wrapped in first love
  13. “Forever And Always” – Annalise for Eric…you’ll know when you know
  14. “Endgame” – From the original playlist, this is all Eric. No interest in being just another ex Annalise doesn’t want to see
  15. “Delicate” – Nika and Marina, not sure where they’re at yet. Tentative, testing their boundaries and attraction
  16. “Getaway Car” – Tom & Trey, heavy love with no shot at longevity for previous feelings reasons
  17. “New Year’s Day” – Aaron and Athena, remember, how they’re all mature, grown up love? 
  18. “The Man” – Need I explain?
  19. “Paper Rings” – Tristan and Carolina, all sweetness and optimism
  20. “I Knew You Were Trouble” – Early Carolina and Tristan, she knows who he is, she can’t help herself
  21. “Stay Stay Stay” – Olivia & Caleb, the first stability in her life, it wins her over.
  22. “The Last Time” – Tristan and Marina, All she ever wanted was for him to choose her, finally he ran out of chances to do that. 

Note: A Big Anniversary

From Reenie

You guys, in two months, I will have been posting this story for all of you for five years.

It’s pretty crazy. I’ve been living with these characters for most of my life and been sharing them with all of you for a good chunk of it.

Some things, to celebrate this milestone are already planned. But others, I’m curious, what you readers might like?

I’m open to almost anything, unless it winds up spoiling the plans I have for the next few months. (I’ve learned my lesson to never plan too far ahead, these kids have wills of their own and rarely want to do what I have planned for them)

Please comment with what you’d like to see. There will most certainly be a Raymond and Tom & Trey interlude for Pride, I have them outlined, though not yet written. Also possibly one for Nika…though her story will be coming out more naturally through Marina’s, so I haven’t decided yet. I’m putting some work in on the Playlist. And again…one big and exciting planned surprise.

July 20, that’s the 5th anniversary, I kind of can’t believe it.

Author’s Note: OMG, we did it!

Oh, hi, I didn’t see you there. *Giggles Approachably and flips hair casually*

So we finished year 2. I’ve got some plans for what’s coming next, and I’m going to start editing together the past 3 years of content into something resembling a manuscript. I will then have to make decisions, but I’ll think about that when I have that to think about.

For now! We move on.

First of all, see the below embedded Twitter Thread that in a bit of mania last night. I put together the way I see the cast in my head. I hit just about everyone except Anselm and a few of the Dumanis, but that’s because I have trouble getting a hold of Anselm in my head. (Sometimes he’s a very traditional kindly old Wizard type, other times he’s more of a strict but loving grandpa type. He’s slippery.) It was fun!

It’s a lot of people who were on The CW or played Superheroes, I am who I am. Also, Rana is Audra McDonald. I do not apologize for the most powerful deity in my cosmology being played by the most talented person in show business.

So as we move into year three what are we going to look like. Rather than write through each girl’s perspective and loop back to another’s, I’m going to jump around, sometimes seeing Marina’s view, sometimes Lisette’s and sometime’s Athena’s. We’re jumping forward a few months, to the court visiting Brightcoast. And I’m so excited that we ALSO be following a new POV character. (I’m like George RR Martin over here) So that we don’t totally lose track of a few characters I’ve grown very fond of, we’re also going to check in with Carolina DuKarras, the girl who The Dumanis want Tristan to marry. I think you’ll like Carolina. I do.

BUT FIRST. For June, and for Pride (Happy Pride! I’m bisexual, I don’t know if you knew that. But I am!) I’ve decide to do a little investment in my queer characters. Part of the difficulty with this story living in my head for so long is that it’s much more hetero than something that I’d come up with now, but there’s the queer characters in there, and I want to tell their stories.


First! A two part story that traces key moments in Tom’s relationships with both Olivia and Trey. It’s mostly finished and really lovely.

Then! How did a badass soldier with a tragic backstory and a prissy mean girl realize they were meant for each other? The answer may delight you, it does me. We’re talking about Elodie and Mercy.

And finally! Chosen by a goddess, socially uncomfortable, and just trying to figure it out. It’s time to go deeper into Raymond.

I’m really excited. And thanks everyone for reading, following an indulging me these past few years. I set out to do something and the fact that I’ve done it.

Rest in the peace of The Goddess, y’all.