Author’s Note: 4 Years Later

Well, that’s a wrap on Year 3! Thanks so much for coming along for the ride. I’ve had a blast writing it.

I put a lot of thought into what Year 4 was going to look like, and all I could think about was I wanted everyone to be very sad and in a very different place in their lives.

And there’s just only one way to do that. TIME JUMP! Remember in Season 5 of One Tree Hill? Or the Dawson’s Creek finale? Or Lost season 3? Sure you do! (Well, maybe not OTH) It’s like that. Here’s where we’re at:

5 years after Athena and Tristan arrived in Pantona, 4 years after a decision was made to meet destiny head on, a lot has changed.

Annalise and Eric remain apart, why? Well, Phania and Cammadan are in something of a cold war, which is straining the royal family. Especially Marina. She’s doing her best but it’s stretching her.

Has her father’s prophecy of unhappiness for Tristan and Carolina come true and is Annalise’s continued singleness a factor in that? It probably has more to do with him founding a new order in the guard, Rangers, who ride into the remote places in Westran and the eastern neighbor Failan to search for signs of the gods, and being gone for months at a time

Aaron and Athena are parents! The three year old Viscountess Calla is everyone’s favorite person, or at least they say so if they don’t want Athena’s spear in their face. As a Countess, Athena is an excellent soldier. She has a lot of trouble dealing with Tristan’s absence, especially because he’s having adventures without her. Aaron couldn’t be more content, having settled in to life the life he’s always wanted. He does however, still yell at Annalise a lot.

Raymond is THIS CLOSE to becoming a Mastero. Nika and Brea float in and out, helping find the Great Wheel, and Brayton remains at large.

Anyway! That’s our status quo! I’m excited to bring you all further details and move forward.

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